There are a lot of things on your mind lately - your car’s battery shouldn’t be one of them. With less commuting and personal travel due to stay-at-home guidelines, cars are sitting and batteries are going dead.

Even when a car is sitting unused, onboard electronics like your alarm are still running and using up valuable battery power.

Keep your battery ready to ride when you are with a Battery Tender® Battery Charger and Maintainer. Simply connect the Battery Tender® Battery Charger to your vehicle’s battery using the included ring terminal or alligator clip accessory cable. Then, plug in your Battery Tender® Battery Charger to the nearest AC power outlet and look for the indicator light.

Battery Tender® Battery Chargers keep your vehicle at a full state of charge and prevent battery deterioration by maintaining battery life while connected. All Battery Tender® Battery Chargers automatically switch from a full charge mode to float or maintenance mode for storage.

Battery Tender® Battery Chargers are completely automatic and may be left connected to both AC power and to the battery that it is charging for long periods of time.

Stay safe and ensure that your vehicle is ready to ride again when you are with Battery Tender®.